Manage Inventory. Credit-Finance Restocking. Predict Demand.

Effortlessly manage your retail store while seamlessly connecting you with our vast network of wholesalers and lenders.

Karani Features

Join us as we bring kiosks and tuckshops into the forefront of the data and business intelligence era. Our mission is to equip small-scale retailers with the tools to leverage their sales data, making informed decisions and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

Automated Inventory Management

Karani system can automatically track inventory levels, reorder products as needed, and alert staff to low stock levels.

Personalized Customer Recommendations

Karani can analyze customer purchase history and browsing behavior to make personalized product recommendations.

Real-time Data Analysis

Karani provide real-time insights into sales data, customer behavior, and inventory levels to help with decision making.

Predictive Analytics

Karani system uses predictive analytics to forecast future sales and customer behavior, allowing for more effective planning and decision making.

Simplified Restocking

Harness the power of our extensive wholesaler network to place orders effortlessly from the comfort of your shop. Enjoy swift deliveries that cater to your schedule, ensuring your stock is replenished exactly when you need it.

Lender Network

Explore the option to credit-finance your restock through our network of trusted lenders. Choose from a pool of options, and get credited in under an hour. Your business growth is our priority.

Grow your retail business with us!

Make your life easy and stress-free with Karani's suite of tools. From bookkeeping, digital ledger book to reports & analytics bundled with demand forecasting.

Why you should embrace Karani

  • Effortlessly manage your retail inventory with Karani, ensuring optimal stock levels and reducing operational challenges.
  • Streamline your ordering process through our extensive network of wholesalers, bringing efficiency to your restocking routine.
  • Unlock financial flexibility by leveraging Karani's credit-finance option, providing quick access to funds for your business needs.
  • Harness the power of data-driven insights with Karani, enabling informed decision-making for the sustainable growth of your small-scale retail business.

Karani Showcase

Data Analysis & Predictive Analytics

Karani system provides real-time data analysis and predictive analytics, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and sales patterns. This can help them to optimize their operations and make informed decisions on things like pricing strategies, product offerings, and marketing campaigns. Predictive analytics can also forecast future sales and customer behavior, allowing businesses to plan and make proactive decisions to drive growth..

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the key features of Karani system. The system can automatically track inventory levels, reorder products as needed, and alert staff to low stock levels. This helps to ensure that businesses always have the products they need on hand, while also reducing the risk of stockouts. Additionally, an AI-powered POS system can use predictive analytics to forecast future demand for products, allowing businesses to plan accordingly and make proactive decisions on inventory management. Overall, an AI-powered POS system can help businesses to optimize their inventory management, reducing the cost of goods sold and improving customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Karani system can use machine learning algorithms to speed up the checkout process, reducing wait times for customers.

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