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Data Integration

The seamless process of combining and unifying diverse data sources into a unified view.

Data Management

The comprehensive approach to acquiring, storing, processing, and protecting data throughout its lifecycle.

Data Analytics

The systematic exploration and interpretation of datasets to extract valuable insights and inform decision-making.

Data Visualization

The graphical representation of data to communicate complex information clearly.

Connect Any Data,From Anywhere

We offer many ways to connect to your data. Wherever your data is, in the cloud, on-premise, in a database or in a SaaS application, we can connect to it.
Use our Smart Views™ to connect to well known applications and pre-format your data, making it ready for analytics; or use our powerful Web Services connector to connect to hundreds of APIs.

Data Integration features
  • Connectors
  • Data Loader
  • API

Turn Messy Data Into Useful Data

Getting the data is easy but turning it into something useful is more challenging. This is where our Data Flow module comes in to make this task easy and quick.
Use it to shape, merge, fusion and calculate your data anyway you want by connecting Data Flow nodes to each other and build an end to end flow of data ready to be executed on demand or on a schedule.

Data Management features
  • Data Flow
  • Data Stream

Explore And Analyze Data

Use our Quick Insights™ to dig into your data and perform correlations, groupings and trends. Analyze the data and start building your indicators and recurring metrics by iterating through the tables and their relationships.
With our data tools you can create snapshots of the data to compare them over time independent of the data sources.

Data Analytics features
  • insights

Create Cutting-Edge Data Visualization

Our Dashboard module gives you the ability to focus on Key Performance Metrics with over 70 visualization and input widgets giving you full control of how your dashboards look, react and interact.
Our Report module gives you pixel perfect, PDF output of multi-page documents, giving you the best of both worlds from tabular data to aggregated data.

Data Visualization features
  • Dashboards
  • Reports

Work With Reliable Data At All Times

Automate everything in Loginit with a powerful scheduler and alert system that can refresh data, trigger publications of dashboards and reports to selected users via email every morning before your first cup of coffee.
Use our mobile phone application to access dashboards and reports on the move or embed our dashboards directly into your company portal, website or application.

Data Collaboration features
  • automation
  • alert
  • mobile

A Complete Data Management & Analytics Tool For...

Your Teams

For companies in any sector: rapidly make your organization data-driven and boost your various teams’ performance with our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform.

Your Clients

For Services Providers and Consulting firms: turbo-charge your offering with our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform, adapted to your brand and/or your clients’ brands.

Your Software

For software companies in any domain: embed our best-in-class data engine and visualization into your solutions. Focus on your core expertise and leave the rest to Loginit.

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