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Empowering your organization through innovative data insights and simplified business workflows

Beyond imagination

At the core of our ethos lies a profound understanding of data, business intelligence, and streamlining operations. Crafting exceptional software is akin to an art form, where our dedicated teams invest years in refining their skills to deliver remarkable solutions that captivate customers. We take pride in developing products that empower growth, anticipate needs, and resolve business challenges

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Our Perspective

Our Approach To Privacy

Customers and profits both increase when you prioritize them.
We made the decision early on that we would never sell user information to outside parties or display advertisements inside our products (not even in the free editions). We've gone above and beyond to ensure that your business is yours alone by outlawing the use of third-party trackers on any of our websites.

We aren't interested in invading your privacy just to make a quick buck. Every person should have control over their data, regardless of where they live. We didn't need laws and government regulations to tell us that; its just the right thing to do.

Our Public Vision

Since we have never taken money from investors,
we have always been able to focus on what is best for the customer. Rather than worrying about short-term profits, we've had the freedom to think for the long term.

This kind of independence changes how we approach problem-solving, empowering us to truly think differently.

From how we build to how we hire, our unconventional approach has brought us to more than 30 employees and 500k users around the world.

Your Business Lifetime Partner

We don't tie you down to multi-year contracts with fixed price increases because we believe that software should solve more issues than it creates. We don't push our salespeople to push you.

We provide flexible payment options to fit every budget and offer our products as suites or à la carte. We take pride in both having transparent prices and a privacy policy.

Cutting-edge Solution

When you choose Loginit, you get more than a single product, suite, or platform. You get the product of decade of engineering and design efforts.

We provide a solution to almost every business need with more than five deeply integrated apps that are available on the web and mobile. If we haven't yet built it, you can bet we soon will.

Communal Impact

As a multinational corporation, we appreciate the importance of good citizenship. Because of this, we constantly strive to give more than we receive and look for ways to support the neighborhoods where we live.

We undertake projects that improve the lives of our customers and employees, from offering subscription relief to companies affected by natural disasters to building solar farms that offset our carbon footprint.

Loginit wasn't created overnight.

Good software is a work of art, and good art takes time. Our teams spend years mastering their craft in order to deliver exceptional products that customers love. Software isn't just our paycheck, It's our passion and craft.


Our Values


We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and continuously improving our offerings through the power of Artificial intelligence.


We can quickly scale our products and services to meet the growing demand for our solutions.


We prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers, using the technology to solve real-world problems and improve their experience.

Meet Experience.
Innovative Team.

Good software is a work of art, and good art takes time. Our teams spend years mastering their craft in order to deliver exceptional products that customers love.

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