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Get to know your garage at a glance.

You can gain instantaneous insights and make decisions on the go thanks to a centralized visual interface that presents key customer and employee data, sales metrics, and performance indicators in a clear and concise manner.

Project/Vehicle Manager

Booking in

Seamlessly manage the entire booking in process from a tablet: effortlessly record dents, set fuel levels, add detailed notes, and even capture client signatures for approval—all within a sleek, intuitive interface. Say goodbye to complexity and impress your clients with streamlined booking and instant digital communication

  • Mark dents & scratches
  • Set fuel level.
  • Note work requested

Job Cards

Effortlessly create professional job cards for your clients on the fly with Gereji. Instantly generate printable versions or send them seamlessly via email or WhatsApp, ensuring efficient communication and keeping your clients in the loop with ease.

Quotations & Invoices

Enjoy the convenience of importing invoice and quote items from work requested, job cards, or vehicle expenses, enabling seamless integration and accurate billing. Simplify your financial processes, enhance accuracy, and save valuable time with Gereji's streamlined invoicing and quoting capabilities.

  • Auto-conversion of Quotation into Invoices.

Task Manager

Effortlessly delegate tasks to your employees with our efficient task manager. Stay organized and on top of all assigned tasks, easily tracking their progress, identifying any pending or overdue items. Additionally, benefit from the task manager's cost tracking feature, providing transparency and visibility into task expenses. Streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and gain full control over your operations with Gereji's powerful task management capabilities.


As a garage, you might have some parts in your store. Track this parts easily with Gereji Inventory module

Suppliers Manager

With Gereji's comprehensive Suppliers module, you can streamline your parts procurement process. Track ordered parts, keep an eye on deliveries, manage pending orders, and keep up with supplier payments without difficulty. Having complete visibility into your parts inventory will help your garage run smoothly and manage suppliers well.


With Gereji's potent Bulk SMS feature, you can strengthen your marketing initiatives and interact with customers on a bigger scale. Send bulk SMS messages to your customer base without difficulty to deliver customized promotions, informational updates, and significant announcements right to their mobile devices. Utilize Gereji's seamless bulk SMS capabilities to increase reach, increase customer engagement, and propel business growth.

Payment Tracking

Each payment that is received is noted and associated with the corresponding invoice. You won't ever have to worry about the status of client payments again with our trustworthy payment tracking.
With Gereji's extensive invoicing and payment management features, you can stay organized, keep your finances in order, and guarantee a smooth payment process.

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Gain complete visibility into your garage operations.

Take control of employee management, streamline workflows and unlock the potential for growth. Start your journey with Gereji today and discover the power of seamless integration, increased efficiency, and enhanced connectivity.

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