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Our goal is to open up countless opportunities for organizations by assisting them in seeing data in new & insightful ways using our innovative business Intelligency applications.

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Business Intelligency

Our applications with built-in AI capabilities helps you make better data-driven decisions.

Elegant Design

Our apps are pleasing to the eye and are easy to navigate getting things done more quickly.


We offer a seamless experience across many devices & systems with syncing accounts.

Fully Customizable

Toggle on/off to customize application to best fit your business needs.

Workspace CRM | Project Manager
Karani POS | Analytics
Loginit-LMS Loan Management
About us

Who We Are

Loginit is a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

Our solutions helps teams/businesses work better together. Your business may use a single, or a combination of many of our cloud apps. By improving team communications and productivity, businesses drive greater success.

Engineered for the most demanding requirements​

Whether you're looking for basic productivity software or functionalities, Loginit has the right business intelligence tools to help you understand and scale your business reliably.

Let the data tell you where to focus.​

Loginit analytics sends an automated notice when a significant or atypical trend or a new service issue is detected. Easy-to-use dashboards make it simple for anyone to dig into the data to learn more and instantly take action.

Comprehensive Enterprise Cloud Solutions Designed to Modernize Your Business.

Loginit's integrated suite of applications, which includes built-in AI capabilities, connects your most critical business processes and delivers consistent user experiences, allowing you to get more done.

Our Solutions By Industry

Finance & Credit




Years Experience




Expert Engineers

" Efficiency and timely completion of clients. Our clients can monitor progress of there projects from anywhere in the world. "

- Tiwi Drilling Ltd Loginit-Workspace

" We've amassed fashion data." Today, our goal is to turn this treasure into the ultimate consumer fashion experience thanks to Karani "

- Styled By Lani Karani

" Our industry is project intensive, with Loginit-Workspace we can managed multiple projects smoothly from office,home and field. "

- Gerev Drilling Loginit-Workspace

" We never thought we need Loginit-Workspace, now we are hooked. We can easly send invoices and process clients payments. "

- Vumisha Groove Band Loginit-Workspace

" We were the first company to use this product and we have seen it morph to a neccessity "

- Jekii Capital Loginit-LMS

" Loginit-Workspace has transformed our project management and overall improved our productivity."

- Merisun Solar Loginit-Workspace & Karani

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