Simple Reporting for Your Online Training Program

We’ve Got You Covered For Reporting

Whether you’re completing an audit or presenting metrics to your executive team, Loginit’s simple
eLearning training reports have you covered. Executive summary reports highlight your program at a
glance, and detailed reports help you zoom in for compliance audits and more granular views.

Measuring Your Online Training is Easy
with Loginit

Quickly analyze struggling employees that need more help or identify those that are leading the
charge. Identify what’s important to you and Loginit will showcase all the security behaviors your
employees are demonstrating at your organization.

Auditors Will Love

Everyone knows how stressful going through an audit can be, but not
with Loginit. Snapshot all of your evidence and online training
records in seconds. Your auditors will thank you for using Loginit to
demonstrate compliance of your entire security awareness training

Valuable Insights and Analytics

Gain insight into which employees could potentially cause the next breach for your organization.
Loginit will help to give you the insight to find those struggling employees and help them build up
their defenses.

Automatic Reporting

Build your own custom report recipes once, then come back later to view them at any time.
Automatic reporting of your security awareness and online training program is easy with Loginit.

Measure Your Progress

Loginit will help you to measure your security awareness training program. From establishing
baselines to monitoring your growth, our team is here to support your program every step of the

We Speak

Executives don’t care about details, they want results. With Loginit,
you’ll have everything you need to communicate your security
awareness results to your executives in their language. Better
communication to executives helps drive smarter security investments
for your entire cyber security program.

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