Phishing Training
for Employees

Phishing awareness training for employees is finally fun with Loginit. Level-up your phishing tests with an exciting new gamified experience you and your employees will love.

How does it work?

It's as easy as selecting a template, choosing your audience, and specifying when to send it.
You'll then get a detailed report from your phishing campaign.

A few companies that utilize our phishing simulator

Phishing Training can
be Fun with Loginit

Loginit is your phishing training partner that helps you run,
manage, and report phishing tests with your employees.
Loginit transforms your organization with a phishing training
program that builds a trusted partnership with your employees.

Simple Interface

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll have your first phishing test up and
running. Loginit keeps you updated on your campaign
progress including when an employee clicks, reports her,
and so much more.


Choose a scenario

Choose from a variety of real-world scenarios, all expertly
designed to train your employees how to defend
themselves against social engineering attack.


Choose your audience

Launch your simulated phishing tests to any employee,
department, or even custom tagged individuals.


Choose your delivery

Diversify your send times, just like the real thing. Select
instant tests, schedule them ahead, or randomize sends
to every employee on your team.


Employee Behavior Reports

Quickly see detailed reports on how your employees are
doing. See who’s struggling and who’s leading the charge
with security.

We care about your employees

Most employees feel betrayed, embarrassed, and angry when they get caught by a phishing test, but not with Loginit.
And they shouldn’t be more scared of phishing tests then real-world phishing attacks.

Loginit helps bridge the communication gap and trains your employees how to have fun while learning about
real-world phishing tactics.

Ready to see if your employees can defend against Loginit’s phishing tests? Get your free account to get started.