Non-Profit Security Awareness Training Program

Security awareness training isn’t an option for non-profits. But without a giant budget, it might seem
impossible to stay secure. Loginit’s security awareness platform will boost the cyber security
knowledge of your employees, volunteers, and anyone else involved in your mission.

Let’s work together to show you how easy you can get Loginit launched.

Loginit brings a truly modern approach to cybersecurity training and
phishing tests. The engaging and thoughtful micro-learning model has
changed how our staff receives and absorbs best practices. How many of us
can claim that we received unsolicited compliments from their CEO, in front
of the C-Suite, on their cyber-training program?!

Mat Mathews|VP of Information Technology, Wipro

Phishing Tests are
Fun with Loginit

As a non-profit, your employees are at risk of phishing attacks daily.
And with Loginit’s phishing simulator, you’ll have a little help from
Loginit to train your employees how to defend against phishing attacks.

Loginit can automatically send simulated phishing tests mimicking
real-world attacks you experience every day. Practicing simulated
phishing tests help your employee train in a safe environment while
having a little fun. They’ll even be able to report attack and get rewarded in
the Loginit app.

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Budget-Friendly Cyber Security Training

Information security awareness training shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a basic right. As a non-profit,
you struggle to optimize your budget for the most effective cyber security investments possible.

Our cyber security awareness training is designed specifically for not-for-profits to make a positive
impact in their security culture. Saving them from costly breaches by educating their employees on
how to defend against social engineering and phishing attacks, information leakage, and other
common cyber threats.

Automate Everything

From employee onboarding, notification, and even phishing tests, Loginit will help you automate everything.
Most non-profits can’t afford to hire a large information security staff. Loginit helps you automate everything
so you level-up your security

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