Higher Education Security Awareness Training

Your faculty and staff are targeted daily by hackers. The best higher education security leaders
recognize cyber security awareness training isn’t a check the box compliance exercise. It’s a priority
for your faculty, students, and staff.

Higher Education Institutions Need Security
Awareness Training

A quality education isn’t about what you teach, but how you teach it —security awareness is no
different. Take a campus tour of Loginit and learn why Loginit has become the top choice for
IT security professionals in higher education.

The thing we loved about Loginit was the content. It pushed it above
everybody else. You come away from the episodes with her and then
realize that there are humans out there like that, and she embodies
all those people.

Michael Otawi | Information Security Officer, TUK

We Care About Education

Loginit is an education company at heart, helping people around the world learn about
cybersecurity in a fun and memorable way.

A 3-hour lecture on calculus is boring, but your security awareness training shouldn’t feel
that same way.

Say goodbye to ‘Death by PowerPoint’ and hello to an entirely new security awareness learning
experience for faculty, staff, and students to learn about how to defend against cyber threats.

Everyone is a Student

Your students choose your education system because they value a quality education and community.
Give your community the security awareness educational program that they deserve.

Remote Information Security Awareness

Remote learning has become the norm, so your security awareness program shouldn’t fall behind.
Faculty and staff love our simple, fun platform that helps them get up to speed on the latest security
threats by watching short, relatable episodes on different topics.

Compliance and Privacy

Privacy and Security is no longer an option in your educational system. Security awareness is essential
for everyone both on and off-campus.

Your campus has an awesome culture, so don’t ruin it with some other boring security training!

Our program has been reviewed by learning experts around the world as one of the most fun,
innovative approaches to security awareness.

Loginit’s security awareness training episodes are filled with heroes, villains, and stories all designed
to put a smile on your faculty and staff’s faces and make learning cyber security fun.

Ready to watch an Episode?

Automate Everything

You probably already wear a ton of hats, so let us take care of your security awareness. Loginit’s
platform can be set up and launched in less than 10 minutes, helping to keep your college or
university safe for the entire year.

Integrate With Your Current Tools

Our SaaS platform can easily plug into your existing tools and identity provider. Never worry about
manually updating new employee lists, Loginit integrates with your favorite directory provider
including OKTA, Microsoft O365, G Suite, OneLogin, and more.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Higher Education IT teams use dozens of online services, and hackers will use those same services to
phish your faculty and staff. Loginit’s simulated phishing attack platform can test your employees
using real-world phishing tests.

See which employees fall victim to phishing tests and we’ll automatically train them on how to
defend themselves from the bad guys.

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